Why Cargo Bikes Are Better Than Delivery Trucks

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When most people receive a delivery, they think of it going a little something like this: a company sends your mail and packages in a truck to your local post office, they receive the items, they send the items back on a truck that drops the items off to your mailbox.
However, there is another way of transporting mail, packages and other items that has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years, especially in some major cities all over the world: bicycles.

Cargo bikes are specially designed bicycles that are made to transport loads. These bikes can carry a substantial amount of cargo – you will be surprised as to just how much these bicycles can carry! One of the most surprising and best reasons to start considering a cargo bikes for transporting goods instead of trucks is that they are often the faster form of transportation!

If that wasn’t enough of a reason to start using bicycle couriers just yet, then we have compiled a list of points that will be sure to change your mind!

Cargo bikes can carry almost anything!

It is often a common misconception that cargo bikes are only reserved for lightweight and smaller loads, however, cargo bicycles have been specially designed to carry loads of more than 200kgs, without any trouble – impressive, right?

Some cargo bikes are even equipped with an electric motor that gives the cyclists a little help to reach faster speeds and cruise up hills with minimal effort!

Unless you are wanting to transport a sizeable item such as a fridge or a couch, for deliveries in inner-city suburbs and in the CBD, using the services of a bicycle courier is the best and fastest option.

Bicycle couriers using cargo bikes are also able to make more deliveries per day than a delivery truck – the benefits of using a bicycle courier service just keep getting better!

Cargo bicycles are faster than cars.

The concept of using a bicycle courier is not a new one. Every major city around the world has started to notice the benefits of using a cargo bike to transport loads, including that they are just as fast, and sometimes faster, than using a car. This is due to a number of reasons, but one of the biggest is that bicycles are less affected by traffic. Bikes can generally move more freely in traffic, are able to travel faster and cover more distance than cars in rush hour traffic in major cities.

Cargo bikes reduce traffic congestion.

Replacing larger vehicles, such as cargo trucks with bicycles is one of the best and most effective ways to reduce the amount of traffic in a major cities.

For most people, getting stuck in traffic is one of the most stressful and frustrating parts of the day, so by making the switch to cargo bikes, it can relieve the burden of traffic jams. This switch should be a change that is welcomed by all – there is no drawback to spending less time sitting in traffic!

Cargo bikes are a cheaper alternative.

The costs of running and maintaining a bike is much less than that of a delivery truck – even if we just consider the upfront costs.
There are endless fees and expenses that are associated with managing trucks: maintenance fees are extremely high, the cost of repairs for a damaged truck can cost a fortune and not to mention that they require a lot of petrol and gas – all the time!

Cargo bikes virtually cost nothing to use, they don’t require gas, simply a competent driver and the maintenance and repair costs are only a small fraction of that of cargo trucks.

Cargo bikes are environmentally friendly.

I’m sure this doesn’t come as much of a surprise to many, but one of the most important and substantial benefits of bikes over other vehicles is that they are great for the environment!

Vehicles are one of the biggest and most threatening contributors to pollution and carbon emissions that enter the atmosphere and produce greenhouse gasses.

In today’s world where everyone needs to start making mindful decisions about the way they can reduce their carbon footprint, making the simple, cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice of switching to cargo bikes, should be an easy one.

Anyone can ride a cargo bike.

As long as the person is capable of riding a bicycle, almost anyone can transport loads using a cargo bike. Not only does this mean that those who use cargo bike couriers are making cost-effective and environmentally sound decisions, but they are also providing potential job opportunities to those who do not have a driver’s license.

Cargo bikes promote a healthier lifestyle.

Cycling, and mostly any form of exercise, is great for your health and overall wellbeing. Not only does it keep you physically in shape, but studies have shown that physical activity can better your mental health.

Riding a bike can dramatically reduce stress levels, which means that you’ll never receive a package from a grumpy courier again!

Cargo bikes are convenient, fast and reliable.

As cargo bikes are able to maneuver their way through traffic more easily and they are typically faster than delivery trucks, many bicycle courier services offer same day delivery in inner-city neighbourhoods.
It is also much easier and faster to find parking for your bike as you can virtually park a bike almost anywhere making it more convenient for the driver and those receiving the package.

For all of your on demand courier service needs in Melbourne, Cargone Couriers are the experts that specialize in express and urgent deliveries in Melbourne’s CBD and inner-city suburbs. From mail collections, dropping off gifts and delivering important legal documents, Cargone Couriers have got you covered.

The difference with Cargone Couriers is that they offer their customers the option to have direct contact with their personal courier to allow for more simple and streamlined communication and offer free insurance for all items in transit.

Contact the friendly team today on 0450 553 933 to book a cargo bike courier in Melbourne!


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