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When a business decides to hire a reliable courier service in Melbourne to deliver documents or products to their customers, they have many options to choose from. In fact, there are two major types of courier services operating in Melbourne at the moment – which are standard couriers and bike couriers or messengers.

While a medium to large business may require the services of a standard courier to deliver packages to their customer base in Melbourne and across the country, a start-up or small business can manage with bike messengers in Melbourne.


Bike Messengers

If you have a large package to deliver, you should definitely opt for a standard courier service since they have a large network of vehicles to carry heavy packages across the country. On the other hand, if you have to deliver a document or small package, you can choose a bike messenger in Melbourne for a fraction of the cost of hiring a standard courier service. This article provides information on the advantages of hiring a bike messenger in Melbourne.

Courier services are used in place of large distribution networks such as DHL and FedEx to deliver small packages and letters in Melbourne and the surrounding areas within a few hours time. Most of the time, smaller courier services operate within the country whereas large courier networks handle international shipments.

A bike messenger is a service provider that delivers small packages and documents within a limited radius of Melbourne. This is also true for the surrounding areas. These service providers don’t have a wide network similar to standard courier services in Melbourne.

In fact, the standard services have a wide branch network across the country – and they operate a large fleet of vehicles including vans, cars, trains, and even ships and aircrafts.

A standard courier company can handle any type of package whether it is large or small. But a bike courier handles only small packages and documents within a limited radius.


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Standard Courier Services

A standard courier handles large shipments on behalf of their customers in Melbourne. These businesses have a wide network of branches and fleet to transport large shipments across the country. They even handle international shipments in collaboration with large distribution networks such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. They take full responsibility for the shipments that you handover for delivery.

In fact, most of the standard courier services have a guaranteed time of delivery for their shipments. Standard services are almost similar to large networks such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx. However, they handle shipment within the country.


Bike Messenger Services

Bike courier services operate on a different scale to standard couriers in Melbourne. They also operate locally similar to their standard counterparts. But there are numerous advantages of using a bike messenger to deliver small packages and documents. For one thing, a bike messenger is less expensive compared to a standard courier service. They are ideal to deliver small packages and documents within a certain radius in Melbourne.

Are you a start-up, small business or a large business that need to send a small package or document to your customer in the region? You should definitely opt for a bike messenger in Melbourne.

Most of the time, it is more efficient to use a bike courier to deliver your package. Why? Because they can bypass all the traffic in the city and reach the customer in a short time period. If you have an urgent document to be delivered to your client in Melbourne, there is no better option than hiring a bike messenger for the job.

The decision to hire a standard or bike courier in Melbourne boils down to the type of business that you are involved in.

For example, if you run a law firm and want to deliver a hard copy of a document to one of your clients in the region, you should opt for a bike messenger since it is much cheaper and quicker. On the other hand, if you have to send hundreds of small packages on a daily basis, you should opt for a standard courier service. A bike messenger is not the best solution for such a situation.



With a host of standard and bike courier services functioning in Melbourne, it may be difficult to choose the best company for your business. That is where your research becomes so important. The internet is a good place to perform your research. Especially, when looking for the best courier service for your business. Make sure you check for customer feedback to the potential company that you plan to hire. The right provider should have a host of positive testimonials from a majority of their clients.

These are important things that you need to look for when choosing the best courier company in Melbourne to suit your requirements.

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