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Major cities all over the world are all facing a large, four-wheeled, problem. While delivery vans and couriers are an essential part of keeping a busy city flowing and operating at the fast pace that we all live our lives, van couriers can take up a lot of valuable space on the roads and cause major traffic congestion. There is, however, another way to transport loads in an efficient way that has recently started to gain popularity in major cities all over the world: cargo bicycles.

Cargo bikes are the new best way to transport packages, mail and other items with a courier. The matter of freight transportation in major cities needs alternative and more smarter solutions to the ever-growing number of people and the need for more room to move around these cities.

In order to make cargo bikes the new, environmentally conscious and faster way of transporting parcels, bicycle couriers need to become a realistic alternative. We have identified the advantages, and the little disadvantages, that a cargo bike courier would have over a traditional cargo van courier in large cities.


Advantages of Using a Cargo Bike Courier

In most major cities, the vast majority of all courier deliveries can be carried out by a cargo bike courier rather than a courier van. Surprisingly, cargo bikes can carry a hefty amount of cargo at one time, more than most would think! A cargo bike can carry up to 200kgs or cargo at once, without much trouble at all.

One of the biggest advantages of using a cargo bike courier rather than a traditional van courier is that they are actually the faster form of transportation! Unlike vans, bikes can easily negotiate the streets of a city centre and can ride against the traffic flow, on footpaths and even through undercover walkways! Cargo bikes can also maneuver through heavy peak hour traffic in major cities and cover more distance in a shorter amount of time.

In order for a courier service to meet delivery deadlines of drop offs and pickups of items means that some delivery routes are doubled up. Sometimes, a courier can even visit the same customer twice in one day! A cargo bike courier can streamline this process through their ability to quickly and easily maneuver from one location to the next using backstreets and shorter routes than that of a van courier.


Another benefit of a cargo bike courier is parking! Even on the odd occasion in a busy city where the access is straightforward, attempting to maneuver a large courier van can become very difficult, and even cause traffic congestion. In most cases, the van is parked reasonably far away from the front door or office reception. Bikes, however, are able to quickly and easily pull up right outside the entrance and pull away just as effortlessly, causing no obstructions to traffic, pedestrians and clients.

Lastly, cargo bikes are much more efficient at operating from city centre locations and the depot location. If a cargo bike has to return to the depot for any reason throughout the day, especially for energy and fast tracked deliveries, this is only a short trip! Once a courier van has left the depot at the beginning of a day, it is very rare that they should return!?

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Disadvantages of Using a Cargo Bike Courier

One of the downsides of using a cargo bike courier is that there are deliveries that are beyond the capacity of a bicycle. This is especially the case for larger electronic household items such as refrigerators and washing machines. Larger deliveries can also limit the ability for the courier to carry out other deliveries during the day.

Customer of courier delivery services, even regular ones, can be highly unpredictable. One day a customer may have 1 singular document that needs to be transported, and the next they have have 10 large boxes. For these instances of multiple heavy items means that they would require a van to deliver the goods. Where this unpredictability exists, a courier bicycle can only supplement the van courier, not replace it.

Although courier cargo bikes are environmentally sustainable, reduce the amount of traffic congestion and are often the fastest method of transportation in the inner city suburbs of a major city, they do have limited capacity.


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